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PGA works collaboratively in all its commissioned work, at whatever level, focus or location. It operates according to a set of established operational and ethical principles. These underpin the engagement of PGA with all of those identified as participant stakeholders, irrespective of their role or status. We seek to identify individual consultants, or small groups as appropriate, by negotiation with contactors to ensure the most appropriate response to the requirements of our partners.


  • The PGA consultant will be an experienced educational practitioner, professional developer or project evaluator, who is familiar with current educational and social contexts, principles and operations 

  • The PGA consultant will have a clear and demonstrable understanding of the importance of developing a negotiated response to a request for consultancy services

  • The PGA consultant will work collaboratively and transparently with designated colleagues from the commissioning body/organisation throughout the process

  • The agreed approach, whilst independent and objective, will remain collegiate, formative and respectful

  • Recognition of an agreed ethical code will form the basis of any evidence collection, analysis and reporting

  • Regular and systematic communication between PGA and the commissioning body/organisation personnel will be timetabled throughout a contract period

  • The overall aim will be to provide user-friendly and professionally useful experiences and outputs for all stakeholder participants


We will be victorious if we have not forgotten how to learn

Rosa Luxemburg

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