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PGA developed from an earlier (2011) start-up, a social enterprise Behaviour2Learn, which operated as a consulting arm within the Northampton Centre for Learning Behaviour at the University of Northampton (UK) ( 


Philip Garner Associates (PGA) was established in 2015, to further develop and apply an already securely established consulting expertise in the fields of:


Special and Inclusive education practices

Practitioner research in education

Professional development of the education workforce

School-based mentoring for publication/dissemination of innovative practice

Project support & evaluation

Teacher Education 


The principal consultant, Professor Philip Garner, has wide experience working nationally (within England) and internationally, in each of these areas. He has led major consultations, training/development programmes and evaluations for governments, NGOs and international organisations, as well as for individual schools and clusters of schools. Philip has direct experience of managing national (UK), international and EU-funded projects in relation to all these areas.

We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience [John Dewey’]

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